The Panik Button App turns your phone into a panic button,

giving you access to emergency and support

services 24/7. Also get COVID19 live updates.



Safety is always on our minds. More so for our loved ones. We’d like to know that our family and friends are safe and in cases where they need help we will be there for them. The reality is that we live in a country where our safety is never guaranteed. Hence the introduction of PANIK, powered by Legratron Electronics which has a rich history in tracking assets globally.


Legratron Electronics has developed a powerful solution called PANIK. The PANIK App is a location sharing solution that will alert loved ones with location details when a panic event occurs.

Live Location Tracking

You can see live feed information and status of location of your loved ones, this is a feature that provides “peace of mind” to assist the pain of not knowing if your loved one is in a safe and expected location or not.

Geo Fencing Tracking

This allows the tracking of a loved in designated areas of which when they leave specified areas, an alert will be issued giving notice of a loved one being in a location that is not where they should be.

Active Geo Fencing

Active geo fencing is a more comprehensive solution that involves a more involved tracking means, by allocating a time frame to where a loved one should be and then after the time lapse they are expected to be at another predetermined location. This is best illustrated with a school child or student situation.


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Turn your phone into an emergency button. The Panik App lets you protect your loved ones in emergencies. They can notify up to 4 contacts for Free

They can also get 24/7 support and emergency, live tracking, device history location, unlimited notifications, geofence restriction and much more for as little as R70/pm inc VAT or get discounted family packages.


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Panik will be free to download for all with freemium and premium features available to subscribers.